My Impossible List

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I remember I couldn't commit to one goal at one time or commit to one person at a time (yikes) because I will always looking for better, improving better and it will paradoxically leave my goals unfinished. Recently I said "I had enough of leaving thse goals accomplished" so I made a phenomenal "Impossible List" to keep myself accountable and you guys can see my progress along the way!

I got this list inspiration from Mr. Impossible's Website and Thomas Frank's Website and essentially it's a list where you take action on the goals you have set on this list called "The Impossible List".
This isn't your standard bucket list where you list the things to do before you die, rather it's the goals you can constantly improve on and grow from as this list is pushing me to seek discomfort and experience past my limitations. The list is ever growing to push me to my discomfort, push me to be a better person, and be the happiest I can be to paradoxically suffer for the things I want in life!

"First you learn, take the L, then you earn!"- Jay Arias

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This impossible list differentiates from the people whom I totally snagged (and mentioned above) idea from... Because I list my irrational fears I want to overcome before setting off my last sail on the ocean, to truly experience discomfort and truly improve myself in no way possible.

Now, this list ranges from the following goals in each section of my life I want to achieve in before I leave this beautiful, phenomenal world!
These include my fears, my fintness/health goals, professional(entrepreneur) goals, financial(investing & saving) goals, book(reading) goals, creative (singing) goals, skill (passtime) goals, fun/insane goals, "events to attend" goals, "travel" goals and my overall impactful life goals.

This list will be categorized with neat sections with a big header to list the section of the type of goal and where it'll be applicable, then the list. Got lost with the last sentence? Don't worry, start scrolling and you'll see what I'm talking about ;)

This emoji: means the goal is completed.
This emoji: means the goal is being actively worked on.

Current Goals I'm Completing at the Moment

I am focusing on building this blog, building my personal brand on Instagram @jay.develops, sending out weekly newsletters for my audience/building it, working out six times a week and starting up my digital marketing services.

Recently Completed Goals

Impossible List: Commence

Fear Goals

Fitness/Health Goals

Sleep Goals
Workout Goals
Mental Health Goals

Professional/Entrepreneur Goals

Entrepreneur Goals

My Habit Goals

Book Goals

My Habit Goals

  • Upload One Single onto Apple Music, Spotify, etc.
  • Writing Goals
  • Start a Blog on My Website
  • Podcast Uploads/Goals
  • Sucessfully Upload my first Podcast
  • Creative Goals

    Singing Goals