How to Stop Your Stuttering and Get Rid of Uneccesary Words...

Date Uploaded: July 25, 2019
How to stop stuttering, speaking clearer with clarity. Tips for you, picture.

Record Yourself, Watch Yourself...

I remember this crazy, crazy, true, true story back in the breaking dawn of puberty days AKA middle school. I talked to my boy, let's call him Danny who preaches on and on about his presentation going extremely well. The other kids in the class cheered his name out loud, tearing a hole in the ceiling, "DANNY, DANNY, DANNY" and the teacher (named Mrs. Betty) giving him a big A+ on his presentation and the same day the girl who he liked for a month- asked him out.
Danny had it all, fromt the amazing poise to the amazing people around him yet at the time he called me his best friend. I stood with a confused yet envious face at Danny, even though he is about to give me pointer on presenting an amazing speech. I bit my tongue of pure envy, and I listened to his gloating for the first half of lunch, I truly need to listen as I have her class next. I'm not messing this up right now, besides I'm halfway in...

After his self-gloating and ego-boosting talk, he then told me the biggest secret no one has ever told me in my life. He opened his lips, in the desert hot outdoors school cafeteria, and told me "Stop stuttering, you'll be fine."

Immediately my face turns into a red, plum tomato because I know all my life I've had this stuttering problem. Even worse, I have a tendency to be extremely repetitive in all my conversations- even in large audience settings. Knowing all of this, I start to release smoke from my ears and blow up like the guys from those air-head commercials and I snap at him "I know I stutter, you don't have to tell me twice about my lifelong problem."

I place my hands on the slimy cafeteria table, walk away and not looking back to see his dropped jaw. Heading to the student store, where the school has the audacity to capitalize on liver-damaging foods for a nice little bonus in their paychecks. I get my usual Hot Cheetos and Capripri (Caprisun) juice, the best combo for high puberty teenagers going through a teenage crisis.

I sit there, frustrated with myself and my low friend. Thanks Danny, you definetely gave me active advice and not something everyone has told me all my life. All of a sudden, the school bell rings and I walk in the hot Los Angeles sun and beneath me is the crackling dry concrete floor.

When I walk into my classroom, my hands start to clam up with cold sweats even though the sun is blistering hot outside. My stomach shrivels up to ash, then rebuilds itself in a completely endless cycle inside my skin. I'm so nervous while waiting at my desk, and I see Mrs. Betty walk in with her leftover Taco Bell lunch bag.

As she reaches for her purse, she exlaims at me to get up and start on my presentation. Great, I told myself in my head. I walk up to the front of my class and I see 30 pairs of eyes staring at my own two eyes. I look to my left, seeing my crush named Linda with all her beauty and I get even more nervous. Then the little negative voice in my head started to go on autopilot: "You're not good enough", etc.

I breathe in, breathe out and I commence to speak. I immediately felt my words coming out in two syllables apart, like one of those Lion King hyenas cracking up. I completely ran through my ten minute speech in only 5 minutes, and as I stuttered out my last word the teacher told me to sit down as she could feel the intense anxiety cloud I am emanating.

"Thank you for the speech, now we have up next is…" she says with a fading out effect into the wind, as I sit next to my crush. I can't even bear to look at her, she must think I'm completely dumb and then she told me the biggest truth I have ever listened.

"It was a good speech, no one can ever make a perfect speech. You should be proud, not putting yourself down" as she looked at me with those amazing warm eyes.
Now flash forward to a huge crowd in my junior year of high school, I am taking a college public speaking class alongside a drama afternoon rehearsal after school. I completely pushed myself out of my comfort zone for these improvements in my life, and as I walk up to give my final speech for my public speaking class, my professor named Proffessor Jedi sits back, waiting for my introduction.

I start the speech with more of a beautiful flow than a painter striking across their delicate canvas, the words came out naturally yet with powerful conviction with attention grabbing devices, and overall the speech was enganging for the audience as I see it in their eyes. They gaze at me, leaning closer from each word passing through my mouth and this was a speech on food waste in the United States alone.

I captivated the audience with facts rewritten with provocative stories, not pure facts as this is how each human being listens to one another. I finsihed my 15 minute speech with elegance, and I finally redeemed myself after all those years of poor presentations, speeches, and one-to-one conversations.
At the end of class, my final grade on the speech is… *Drum Roll Please* a B+. The same grade I received in seventh grade, only because I couldn't keep my mouth shut during the other presentations. I deserve it and it was well worth it, I mean the girl next to me was so beautiful. Anyways, I tell you this story to begin this blog? I'm telling you this story because I've been there. Public speaking was the worst thing for me back in the day, and now I can captivate audiences with more ease than drinking water and flowing smoothly. In this blog, I wont tell you the more in depth tips of public speaking yet I will give you the most basic and practical tips to improve not only your public speeches but creating amazing speeches.

The first tip, out of three, which helped me become a great conversationalist and speaker is to record yourself constantly. I cannot stress this basic, basic, yet amazing tip enough. Doing this alone will better your conversational skills by 200% because when you play your recordings, you notice the words you say on a day-to-day basis. Immediately dedecting the basic unecessary words out of your dictionary, such as "like, um, that, uh" will kill it off in a month! I'm not exaggerating, I only use the word "Like" when I'm comparing two things for provocative purposes and I destroyed the word "Um, Uh" with a snap of a finger. Now I sound professional, even when hanging out with friends. I urge for you to record yourself right now, on video, to respond to the following question "Tell me one thing you enjoyed from your day, and why?" without thinking about it. Hit record, and start talking without any thought going into it. You'll definetely notice your weakness and strenghts, keep improving by recording yourself each day.

The second tip is to approach more strangers on a day to day basis, you'll definetely gain a bigger social toolkit so you don't have to run out of things to say. It might be scary to talk to someone but the benefit for you will do you the best in the long term as it will improve your social skills in general. Go talk to the girl, the guy, or the old nice lady waiting at the bus stop and you'll definitely be a more outgoing person. You might be scared of rejection but you'll attract the most positive people in your life and it will be the best investment in yourself.

The final and third tip of this blog article is to never fear discomfort. This sounds less practical and more to do with mindset, yet you'll definetely be open minded to all things around you- including conversation. I bet even when you dislike fictional books, talking about them will introduce you to the one fictional series you'll fall in love with completely. Disliking a genre, let's say Rap, of music will stop you from discovering the one rap Artist you completely listen to all the time now. This will not only push you to talk about things you don't actually like talking about, it will lead you to the positive and loving things you've been missing out on!

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Main Takeway Keypoints

  • Record Yourself Once Daily, To Get Rid of Stuttering Problems
  • Talk About Things You Normally Don't Talk About
  • Love Yourself Through The Process

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