What You Put In, is What You'll Pull In

Date Uploaded: August 1, 2019

Good Karma, Bad Karma...

Drawing back onto the old days when my puberty was an all time high, and I was quickly oozing at each girl who passed by my desk in middle school- yes I'm talking about you Mrs. White (kidding).
I remembered an acquaintance's friend (let's call her abby), who had an extreme type of relationship in the beginning which I should've avoided at the first place (hormones man...) and she was in my inner circle for Physical Education class.
We flirted, pushed each other, and pulled each other's hair like there was truly no tomorrow and this went on for a whole month.
The thing about Abby is she is bullied for her figure, on a daily basis. She was consistently yelled at, pushed down to her knees, and the guys always used to call her "Thunder Thighs" or "TT". Even her old ex called her fat, and it was extremely depressing to see her fall to her knees on her mind and physical knees. I noticed the pain through her starry, hurt, red eyes.

The eyes which leaned into your soul who asked for mercy yet didn't want the help because she's "independent".
I asked Abby to stay after school in the midst of December, to finally stop being a wimp about my feelings and ask her to be my girlfriend with my little red rose in my pocket which I've held onto the entire day.
Abby was thrilled, she jumped to reach the sky when I asked her to stay for a "little surprise" after school.
I wait for her under the shady, refreshing maple tree in the back of the school grounds and I see Abby running with her knees up to her heart and eyes widening with her smile.
To me, she's beautiful and it's not because I also was out of shape (didn't know it at the time) yet I see beauty within her heart the most.

"Hey, I'm sorry I'm late. Mrs. White kept me in until five minutes after the bell, how crazy is that?!" she started the conversation off.
"It's cool, I got you this yet you have to close your eyes!" I said as I reached for my sweater pocket, touching the smooth red rose.
"Ok!!! It better not be an ugly bug!" she said and closes her delicate eyes. I place the rose on her smooth, silky palm and I exclaim "Ok open your eyes, Abby!"
"Omg, it's so beautiful. You shouldn't have had gotten me this" she replies the moment she takes in the rose up to her nose.
"I didn't have to yet I wanted to." then she starts to cry up a river, flowing all up to her knees and back to her cheeks.
"I was having a bad day today, and I felt like giving up today." she said and was something I definitely needed to pay attention more at this moment yet hormones man, hormones get to you...
"Oh no, I know I can't make you happy yet I can give you a lot more" I said and again, definitely needed to pay attention to my own words more.
Then my first kiss came straight in and it tasted like honey with the heat from the desert on my lips and the proximity of our bodies. This moment feels as I'm in heaven, soaring the blissful white clouds and tasty blue sky.

Flash forward three months, after experiencing a lot of things with Abby, I sit on the bench of my physical Ed class with the boys Andre and Nick.
We talk the latest release of an Anime series, yes I used to be addicted to it, and I see Abby running with the other Abby (yes, two girls named Abby in the same physical Ed class) and my girlfriend definitely had something on her mind.
"Hey baby, I have something to show you but I don't want to show everybody" she said while looking down at the ground.
"What's wrong Abby?" I say while holding her hand.
"Well, the thing is, I have this problem and I hate it but it's so umm" she went on and started to stutter out of pure nervousness.
"Hey, Abby, we won’t say anything at you.” said the person on the left of me, Adrian, and I see Nick holding his hands over his own mouth to not let a giggle.
"I won't as well, Abby, tell me." I told her while giving her a hug then
Then… Then… I laughed, at her horrific thing
I shouldn't have laughed at her to seem cool in front of the most toxic people I have met in my life, and I am always empathetic now.

This is the only thing I have come close to regret in my life yet I don't regret it because I learned a valuable lesson, what she told us was truly juicy and what she showed us is truly horrific for a 13 year old boy to see. Out of pure anxiety, horror, and exhaustion I laughed and I am truly sorry to have laufghed at her horrific thing.
After Abby ran crying to the girl's locker room, the other Abby leaned into my face and screamed out loud "You're a fucking bitch!" and gave me my first ever slap from a girl. It stung to the point where you can put an ice cube on my cheek, it will immediately melt as it grew into a fiery hell.

Now I will cut this story short because we are not going to detail the reasons of a toxic relationship yet let's examine the time when I gave Abby a flower to the point where I made her cry full rivers.
This happened either due to being mean or completely nice without expecting anything back in return and karma happened either way. I got either good karma (getting a girlfriend) or getting horrible karma (a slap which I can still feel sting to this day).

I'm telling you to always put good deeds, kind acts, and nice omens to the world without expectations and this will paradoxically enhance your charisma (in the empathetic aspect of charisma). I'm being completely serious, putting out positivity to the world will bring positivity back to you.

A perfect example of what I did today, when I was waiting for my bus stop with a friend of mine. She wanted to get a caramel machiatto at the starbucks coveniently located right behind us, we got her order and as we walked out "Oh shoot, you didn't get a coffee?" I told her no, I wouldn't spend my money on an overpriced cup of coffee when I could easily brew it at home for less cost. She replied "$5 isn't so much".
Then we waited for the bus at the bus stop, an elderly man was looking for people to give him a dollar in the mid-city life.

Refusal after refusal, beaten down to the ground (metaphorically), I couldn't help to get up from my seat and shout at him "Hey, buddy, I'll give you the dollar." and he turned around and immediately placed himself in front of me.
"Thank you, young boy, thank you" he said as he took the dollar from me.
"Wow, really?" I hear my friend say in a sour tone like a lemon.
"Yes, really." I told her.
"You woulnd't pay for a cup of coffee yet you gave a random, old dude a dollar?" she said.
"Getting a cup of coffee isn't the same feeling as doing a random act of goodness." I told her as we hopped on the bus .

I am not retelling this story to show off how much I give away, do good deeds, or anything else I do on a day to day basis rather I am only showing one example of good things you can do and not expecting anything back in return .

This sounds completely cliche and some magic voodo crap yet when I read the book titled Give and Take by Adam Grant, it scientifically explains giving will put you at the bottom but the top of the ladder as well. There are givers who will be at the bottom of the ladder as these people don't know how to ask for things with expected reciprocation yet the one's at the top only ask when there's no reciprocations involved.

In basic terms, this means you shouldn't give a good deed or nice act to somebody by expecting something in return. This will literally increase your charisma from being a complete jerk to be the next Oprah Winfrey. At the next time you are giving away a dollar, you are giving away cars. ( I will elaborate the right emotions to be giving, empathetic, and high energy to produce these same emotions Oprah conducted beautifully in this episode. The people who got a car this day weren't the only people smiling, the audience at home also felt complete joy! I mean seriously, the only people who can't smile at this clip are people who have no soul! I'm looking at you, FOLKORES!!! )

This way of living not only brings more positivity back to you, rather it will be talked upon you, it will be reciprocated through the public. Let's touch upon Keanu Reeves and his "Reeves" effect which the whole world can't get enough about him. He's the nicest, down to earth, great human being and phenomenal actor in John Wick and his stories are always being told by other people.

Reeves doesn't tweet the nicest things he has done in the past, he doesn't care whether his good deeds get talked in the public or media because he does it for himself and the people. Paradoxically, this will let others gravitate to you and others like you even more.
And remember, getting pushed to your will to do somehting nice is completely is different from doing something nice with your own will.

This is is for this blog, tell me in the comments below what you think about this charismatic mindset, do you agree or disagree?
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  • Good Deeds = Good Karma
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