Don't Settle...

Date Uploaded: August 9, 2019

Never Settle... Ever...

Today's podcasts is all about not setting for less. Never settle for less, never settle for anything you don't want in life.

This can be applicable to all aspects of life, yet I will take it from a relationship context. Don't ever settle for the people you don't deserve in life, or want in your life. Don't demand for the people you do want in your life, command the people you want in your life. To achieve the people you want in life, don't ever disrespect the people unless they have disrespected you first. Treat them with absolute kindness, then change your disposition when they are treating you like crap.

Settling for a relationship, from an intimate context, is only conveying you're not a lion and reaching for the things you want in life. Most people will tell me "I am fine with what I have right now, and I will like to keep it that way".

I believe this isn't the best way to live life, unless you do want to settle for "average". I believe you should get what you want yet it doesn't happen without putting in the work. This is what most people don't want to do, they do not want to put in the work. This all comes down to what you're willing to put in the work, to not care about others opinions.

Go put yourself out there, go on dates and talk to more potential strangers- even if they're not in your romantic interests. Talk to the person in front of you when buying your large venti chocolate Frappuccino and singful cake pops at Starbucks, and tell them about your insane sweet tooth order. This works 99% of the time, and it's how I've met many people in my life. There's different ways to do it, yet being the most random and humorous way is the best. You instantly established rapport and banter with a simple sentence or two.
The point I'm driving here is to initiate, if not then you're not going to have the things you truly want and when you do have those things- don't settle for things you want in a relationship. Do you dislike anything in your partner which you can't change because it's manipulative if you do so.

Don't settle for the things you don't want in life, get what you want the most out of life because once you settle- it's the surefire way to unhappiness.

Today's blog was super quick as I'm having some developer issues with formatting these blogs and the share buttons don't work as of today's publish date, working on a fix soon yet wanted to help you guys today <3

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