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Why Insulting Other's is Bad For You

Date Uploaded: August 15, 2019

And Don't Spill the Tea...

Many people start spilling the tea with others because it's an easy thing to do, as humans we tend to focus on the negative rather than the positive in life.
This is more truthful when we have the people who sit at the side of the coffee shop mainly known for their caramel macchiato's, who are spilling tea when we all know they're sipping on their coffee. WANT TO READ IT IN DEPTH? Click on the picture above or Then Click Here to Read It...

Don't Settle

Date Uploaded: August 9, 2019

Never Settle for Anything...

Never settle for less, never settle for anything you don't want in life.

This can be applicable to all aspects of life, yet I will take it from a relationship context. Don't ever settle for the people you don't deserve in life, or want in your life. Don't demand for the people you do want in your life, command the people you want in your life. WANT TO READ IT IN DEPTH? Click on the picture above or Then Click Here to Read It...

What You Put In, is What You'll Pull In

Date Uploaded: August 1, 2019
What you put in the world is what will come back to you.

Good Karma, Bad Karma...

Drawing back onto the old days when my puberty was an all time high (yes, again), I was quickly oozing at each girl who passed by my desk in middle school- yes I'm talking about you Mrs. White (kidding).

I remembered an acquaintance's friend (let's call her abby), who had an extreme type of relationship in the beginning which... WANT TO READ IT IN DEPTH? Click on the picture above or Then Click Here to Read It...

How to Stop Your Stuttering and Get Rid of Uneccesary Words...

Date Uploaded: July 25, 2019
How to stop stuttering, speaking clearer with clarity. Tips for you, picture.

Record Yourself, Watch Yourself...

I remember this crazy, crazy, true, true story back in the breaking dawn of puberty days AKA middle school. I talked to my boy, let's call him Danny who preaches on and on about his presentation going extremely well. The other kids in the class cheered his name out loud, tearing a hole in the ceiling, "DANNY, DANNY, DANNY" and the teacher (named Mrs. Betty) giving him a big A+ on his presentation and the same day the girl who he liked for a month- asked him out....

WANT TO READ IT IN DEPTH? Click on the picture above or Then Click Here to Read It...

First You Learn, Then Take the L...

Date Uploaded: July 18, 2019

Learn, Fail, then Earn!

First you learn, then take the "L". What you're left with is "Earn". This motto of mine, which I came up with ;), details three things in two sentences. First you learn, then you fail, then you're left with earning an experience...
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