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Jesus Perez

Now Wait A Second
Really? Role Models?

Yes believe it or not, I do have role models. It's what drove me here to start freelancing in the first place.
It brought me to a passion to learn this code, to become a better leader, entreupnership at heart, better executer
better person, I could go on but these people have really helped me for the better! I would put these people
in a list so you can all check them out! Go ahead and click on a person, to see what I'm talking about!!!!

What I Want To Acomplish

I Want To Get A
Computer Science Degree

Again believe it or not I don't have a Computer Science Degree, even though I make websites for people. I am
self-taught from reading these books: "HTML & CSS" & "Javascript & Jquery" from an author named "John Ducket".
I want to attend my dream school, once I graduate from high school in 2019, which is UC Berkeley to learn more
software languages and even considering learning Cybersecurity. All thanks to Mr.Robot, damn it influenced me.
I want to live in San Francisco for the innovative companies based there so I can find any software jobs there.

About Me

I Am Proffesionaly Quiet,
Yet I Talk A Lot!!!

My name is Jesus Perez Arias yet I am quite well known as J.P.(hence the logo at the bottom of this page).
I am a 17 weirdly extroverted year old who just loves to code and design in his free time. My grades currently
are really good in school and I as well serve to the community. I made this website to catch potential clients
into hiring me for their next business idea or a blog of some sort. I am currently learning & practicing many
software languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, and Ruby on Rails. I also know and use Adobe softwares
such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro (yes I am a video editor),
and animation softwares such as Toon Boom and Cinema4D(yes I know how to animate as well).
So if you need somebody with these skills please go to my contact page so we can get to it together!