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Web Designs
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Take a look at my designs to see what kind of beautiful websites I can create for you today to have a better business!
Swipe with your mouse or finger! Don't bother with the cursors, have fun while checking out the beautiful desings!

Sample Live Site
Click Here To Check it out
Explore this sample site on what can be your own website for your own business!
Click here to check out the website!
To check out the process from this video here!
Check the Crisp Design
Explore My Website Examples

Take a look at these wonderful examples I have about some samples what I can offer for your business today!
These are not limited to my capabilities, I can make new desgins from scratch and code them as well for an efficient experience!

Restaurant Site Sample
Menu Section of Restaurant Site

This here is a sample of a menu section of a simple restaurant website concept I made in Adobe Photoshop.
This is just one sample of a restaurant web page for a business, I can conceptualize even greater things though.

Widget Designs on IOS (JB)
iWidgets on Jailbroken Devices I Coded Up

Hey to give context on these, these are widgets that are made with HTML, CSS, Javascript, & jQuery to display time
and do other tasks such as adding calendar events through the widgets to even making music playback, etc.

Clean Widget Lockscreen
Great Typography Choice on the Lockscreen

I exclusively made the lockscreen widget on this simple clean crisp setup design I conceptualize from scratch.
Working at it for the first time was difficult to accomplish but I never quit to code it through because I dont give up because the end resul is wonderful.

Clean Widgets
Just Keep Scrolling to Check These Out

More Crispness
HTML, CSS, Javascript Skills